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How are you guys?

2017-05-29 11:13:45 by KaiTheNeko16

I usually never ask this, I usually just rant and go on about my life or advertise about commissions.


So how are you guys? you doing good? life treatin' ya nicely? :) Lemme know my dudes n dudettes

Commissions!! Help!!

2017-01-05 21:12:27 by KaiTheNeko16

Hey guys!! Commissions ARE OPEN. 

I am willing to lower the price for everyone if it helps! I need work guys, I have no job anymore and my savings are dwindling. Could sure use the help from my fans :)

Plus, I want to draw more for everyone!

Right now I got one commission I'm working on, but having one every few months isn't gonna cut it, and I might get in trouble if I can't pay my bills gang. Worse comes to worse, I have to sell stuff to sustain it. I've been job hunting but nothing so far

I also have a patreon if you guys would like to become supporters! :)


Either way, have a good day gang! 

Art Livestream!

2017-01-02 23:16:37 by KaiTheNeko16

I think this is the first time I've advertised a livestream on NG, probably because of how distant I am from the site, but I digress.


anywho, I'm streaming some prons and other things RIGHT NOW (as of 11:14 PM 1/2/2017)

over here on Picarto:


Commissions and TOS

2016-12-31 15:50:22 by KaiTheNeko16

First off, Commissions are open, second off, here's some important information.

When a client contacts me for work, they agree that my TOS supersedes any TOS said client might have.

I prefer to do business with 18+ individuals, younger individuals need to provide parental permission for me to consider their commission.
Prices are all in USD. 
Payment should be made within 48 hours of commission being accepted.
Prices listed are base prices, large groups or heavily detailed scenes may cost extra.
I reserve the right to refuse any individual at any time. If a commission is terminated after payment has been made, a refund will be issued based on the amount of work which has been completed. 

I retain all commercial rights to all the images produced by me. I reserve the right to use any image I create as I see fit.
The buyer is free to re upload the work to other sites, provided the signature is not removed from the artwork, appropriate credit is granted, and the work is not used in a commercial matter. 
No tracing or replication of my artwork is permissible without written permission. 

A partial refund will be given, if the commission is terminated but has already been started (sketch, lines, etc.)
I do not do permanently private commissions, and the commissioner must tell me the date is to be released on. 
The buyer is entitled to free MINOR edits (colors, markings, etc.) up to 2 weeks after the commission has been presented to the buyer.

I am an artist who prefers to work from drawn image references as opposed to photos of real life people or text descriptions. More often than not picture references are mandatory, and using text or photos as a reference are often subject to extra charges. I am not responsible for mistakes in my art that are due inaccurate or insufficient references.

Humanoid Characters 
Animatronics (fnaf)
furries (experimenting)
CERTAIN fetishes
Female on Female/Male on male/Male on Female

Cub/children in 18+ situations or nudity
Hate art
Gore (violent situations that aren't Pokemon battles)
Fandoms I'm unfamiliar with
NO BODILY FUNCTIONS (gas, water sports, scat and diapers included)
Complex machinery and creatures

...I can't believe its been almost 7 months since I moved down here, and about 9 months since...well lets not mention that part...
...everything...still feels like it was yesterday...like...wounds still ache, memories are still crisp and clear...
mm...I wish there was a way..for me to slow time down...because realizing how fast time is going by, is making me realize what a failure I am...I'm essentially having (what most people decribe as) a midlife crisis...except I'm only 21/22...
No permit, no job, overweight and not losing fast enough, let alone that, the amount pressure I'm getting down here to move on in my life, isn't helping.
I know, I need to get a job, and I know how to get one, I've called places, I've applied, but I can't make them hire me...
I know I need to lose weight, I know how to lose it, I exercise daily, I eat healthy with very little snacking, but I can't drop the weight fast enough and I seem to stay at one weight or gain..
I know how to get a permit, but in this case, nobody's taken me to the DMV to get it, even when I ask them to take me
I know I'm not in school, I know I have the opportunity to, but unfortunately, I want to get settled first, mainly, I wanna have a fair amount of money to my name, a car, and to pay off that hospital bill that someone in RI stuck me with back in February, so until then, school is the least of my worries.
Let alone all that, I have no human interaction with anyone my age...like, physical interaction...yeah yeah I have my grandparents and the neighbors, but you can't talk with them like you can with friends in your general age range.
The most Interaction I get is with my girlfriend and I skyping everyday, and it works a little bit, but there's no physical appeal to skyping.
I know, I sound like a whiny little bitch, but right now, I'm at my wits end...
I genuinely don't know what to do anymore, and I've realized that this, is the real reason why I cry myself to sleep almost every night. its not because I'm sad, its because I see no hope on the horizon, nothing is going right for me, and all I hear is pressure pressure pressure, and its making my anxiety and depression flare up like mad...
...I've almost considered going back to my old habit of stress release, but I made a promise to a few of my closest friends that I wouldn't do that again...
I'm not looking for help..just some advice

So, I basically figured out my deal with new video games.

For years, I only thrived off of the nostalgic feel that the games I grew up with, brought me. To the point of seeing any modern day video game made me angry or disgusted. Well a few hours ago, I was watching a medical documentary about nostalgia and they said that "Nostalgia brings people back to a time that they felt comfortable, happy or generally pleased, usually to help cope with a difficult modern day life. However, TOO MUCH nostalgia can give one a bitter outlook on the present and future, constantly wanting things to go back to the way they were in the past regardless of what the rest of the population wants. Its also been known to be a high contributor to depression, as the person gets mopey if they don't get their nostalgia fix. In short, nostalgia, while a pleasantry in moderation, is very addictive to a weak minded person" and when I heard that I just thought "wow, that sound exactly how I think whenever someone mentions modern video games and television" (keep in mind, that's not word for word of how the documentary said it, I kinda just half-assed what they said)

So basically, I've kinda screwed myself over in terms of enjoying modern things. Its not IMPOSSIBLE for me to break out of my comfort zone/protection shell. I read somewhere that told me that it gives people a sense of protection, nostalgia fuels the fear of change, and offers happiness and old times to protect the person from the change. What I have to do is learn to be more open minded, and while that IS difficult since Nostalgia has a very tight grip on my psyche, its not impossible.

my first step in doing so is to somehow acquire a 2/3DS and Pokemon X/Y. However I must make sure to keep my temper and nostalgia out of the way, I don't want a reoccurence of last time...I never told you guys this but uh..heh...someone, a while go, got me a 3DS and that game I cant remember the name, you play as "Villager" its like harvest moon? I dunno anyway, I ended up uh...throwing it, with the game, into the street where it got run over by a car, then told the person in a calm yet obviously agitated tone, that they wasted their money on a hunk of trash.

SO yeah...wish me luck...I'm HOPING that this will help my mental issues a lot, since I've got a strong feeling a lot of my depression derives from my Nostalgia, the anxiety and suicidal thoughts though are a different story (and no I'm not planning to kill myself right now, nor am I thinking it, so calm down)

Do you guys seriously believe everything you see on the internet? Has Scott uploaded anything on his site, or any other site to let us know he's making a movie? NO. You guy's are going off of other people's websites claiming that they're reporters or some stupid shit like that. I'm almost 100 percent positive a FNAF movie is NOT in the making, and if you believe it without having heard anything from Scott, then your head is too thick for normal people.

I apologize for sounding so rude, but I'm so SICK of seeing the fanbase freak out over a fake movie claim.

I'm so sorry...

2015-03-05 01:44:32 by KaiTheNeko16

Guys I'm...I'm so sorry

I'm so sorry for being such a burden...
this is directed to all the people claiming to by my friends or are close to me

All I am is a burden to you all
my problems, my emotions, my life, I tell you guys about it, and you guys tell me that you care about me...

thats just me burdening you with MY problems..

...just like I've been telling myself growing up "you're just a burden to anyone you get close to, you're a wortheless piece of shit, you'll never find someone who truly loves you, you'll never go anywhere in life"

....first person to tell me that was the kids in my elementary school and my father...now I say it everyday....

all I am is a burden

FNAF3 new teaser theory

2015-03-02 16:14:20 by KaiTheNeko16

hey guys, I don't normally do this, but I've been contemplating the whole "1 animatronic" thing for five nights at freddy's 3

and after seeing the new teaser showing balloon boy, but with spring trap's eyes, and "guess who" in the corner, I believe I've figured it out

the one animatronic they're (they being Fazbear Fright management) referring to, is an ENDOSKELETON

HOWEVER, this endoskeleton, different.

Why do you think there's a box of empty animatronic shells and pieces in the office? It's not just for decoration. I'm almost completely positive, that the endoskeleton of spring trap, actually uses the remains of the old animatronics as different suits. Think about it.

If you're the owner of a horror attraction thats based off of an event from the past, you want it to be as authentic as possible right? And if you only have one animatronic that nobody ever saw before, with some decorations using bits of some animatronics, nobody's going to believe it's real. So you're going to want to have some way to have animatronics to be viewed by the public, so you scrap together a working animatronic endoskeleton that uses parts of the old and broken (including the toy) animatronics, to try and make the patrons really feel like they were back in 1987, back when the horrors truly happened.

After all, why wouldn't it be possible? after all, we've seen that the animatronics are capable of removing parts of their suits when trying to be scary, and if its 30 years in the future, the technology is more advanced and they could have invented something far more terrifying.

Whatcha guys think? Could spring trap really be able to exit it's suit and use other animatronic shells as disguise or something? 


2015-01-16 05:04:00 by KaiTheNeko16

I just love how my brain works sometimes
like how it keeps me up all night with anxiety, or how it causes me to physically vomit from unknown guilt and pain
or, better yet, how it makes me feel like my entire world is caving in on me and that everything I hold dear is coming to a close.
or, better yet, how it makes me cut myself and have severe suicidal thoughts. gotta love that anxiety, am I right guys?

....I'm sorry....I am just having the worst anxiety attack I ever had, and I'm trying to calm myself...
I don't know how much control I have left over this....it gets worse and worse with each passing day....