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*salutes america* ;A;

4/3/13 by KaiTheNeko16

So yeah apparently one of the Korea's is planning to nuke the U.S....and welp, if they do I just wanted to say goodbye everyone ;w;

(having a serious anxiety attack right now, I always get like this in these sorta situations..)


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Someone's bound to let of some nuke by accident sooner or later. Internally attempting to nuke a country... such madness. :/

Hahah Yes, no one Fucks with Canada, you will be safe here! And just so i understand why is one os the Korea's trying to bomb the U.S. ??? O-o

4/4/13 KaiTheNeko16 responds:

something to do with religion, thats all I know



Come to canada. It's a little north of the states. We have bacon!

4/4/13 KaiTheNeko16 responds: