may be leaving newgrounds

2013-02-25 19:29:14 by KaiTheNeko16

its just full of judgemental CUNTBAGS who don't appreciate jack shit that anyone else does.


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2013-02-26 00:36:57

Whats up man? What has you down?

Sure NG has its bad eggs, but not everyone on the site is a bad person.

KaiTheNeko16 responds:

ah I'm sorry, didn't mean everyone, just some people are REALLY gettting on my last neve


2013-02-26 12:43:45

Well forget em, fuck the haters. :)

KaiTheNeko16 responds:

true true, its not just me that I was angry for though, there's this person who is pointing out every other GOOD artist and pointing out flaws (in a rather rude way) and making fun of them...
(at on point he says that "theShadling"s females are the 9/11 of females)