2013-03-17 15:42:43 by KaiTheNeko16

soo...yeah in short, my friend and I went jogging the other day and she got me sick :/ I have an intense headache right now so I probably wont be uploading many things until it goes away...


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2013-03-17 15:48:33

Only a headache? Or is it influenza or something? Either way, get well!

KaiTheNeko16 responds:

ah thank you, no not just a headache, its some serious stomach pain, puking and intense head pains


2013-03-17 16:33:54

Drink some coffee


2013-03-22 12:43:17

An important thing to remember when running with a chick...

DUCK as the branches get close. This cuts down on the headaches. ;)

KaiTheNeko16 responds:

hahaha yeah good point XD