Pokemon black test run: FAILED

2013-04-23 23:49:11 by KaiTheNeko16

okay soo...apparently playing a BEATEN Pokemon black game and not being allowed to restart it, doesnt count as TRYING the game l:C
I'm not given any other choice but to buy it, but I wont! I only enjoyed tiny little things about it and those arent enough for me to bother trying to buy it.
The only things I enjoyed about it, is how the pokeballs look when thrown at a wild pokemon and how they wriggle when a pokemon is inside it.
I disliked everything else about it, the graphics were too fast on a bike, the 3D buildings and enviroments bothered me, the town map wasnt helpful at all (I got lost) I got stuck in some city, constantly going around it when apparently you could go down alley ways or something, the bridge POV was friggin' ridiculous, and it overall just displeased me
but apparently that doesnt matter since my brother already beat the game and didnt let me start a new game to start from scratch


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2013-04-25 14:14:18

If I'd beaten the game, I wouldn't want anyone to overwrite my save either. :P Thanks for the quick review though, I haven't tried black/white yet, but I was thinking I'd get it eventually. Still stuck on HeartGold and Platinum for now.