Kai Fujioka bio *beta* (need real reviews)

2013-05-09 02:14:08 by KaiTheNeko16

{[(Need actual reviews for this, so please do review it)]}
Full name: Kai Nathaniel Fujioka
Age: 23 (yes I've boosted all my OC's ages)
Species: Neko (cat ears and tail, with cat like behavior)
Height: 5/8
Weight: 175.3 lbs
Penis length: 6 inches when excited (don't ask why I'm putting that in here XD)
Theme song: Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright
Sexual orientation: Bi-sexual
Birthday: April 17th, 1990
Location: The Bronx, New York, USA
Kai often times cos-plays, and dresses for special occasions, but he has one set of clothes he enjoys the most:
(o) His favorite black t-shirt with an R on it and a blood red R behind it that's inverted
(o) A necklace he received from his father before he died, it is silver with half of a gold heart on it, in it contains half of a poem about the love of family and how it could never break. The other half belongs to Ryo who, despite his hatred for his family and his insanity, still has SOME caring feelings for them.
(o) a black wrist band with a pale yellow circle on it that has a K on it representing his name
(o) a pair of blue-ish grey khaki's/cargo pants (I dunno what they're called)
(o) his specially made skateboarder shoes that are black with a royal blue sole, the sides of the shoes are royal blue and have his name engraved in it with gold
(o) and finally, his favorite, dark blue boxars, they are rather baggy and free, he hates feeling restraint
Fun Facts: His favorite nighttime snack is Popcorn with salt and butter, he loves Dr. Pepper, he despises Fast Food restaurants because he's afraid of gaining a severe amount of weight too fast, he is Bi-Sexual but only secretly and only a few people know, his favorite meal if he's with friends is a large white garlic cheese pizza, his favorite fancy meal is a Large steak (rare) with a side of potatos, corn, some buns, and a glass of wine, he has smoked once and he nearly choked to death so he never touched it again, he only drinks at holidays (only a touch of champagne), he's going to be a father of 2 children (a boy and a girl named Kyle and Krystal), he's not married but is in a marriage like relationship, his favorite video games are pretty much anything retro, minus a few new games like halo 4 and minecraft, when he was a kid he'd try to be a real pokemon trainer

((now this is all I got so far, I just need a backstory))

Kai Fujioka bio *beta* (need real reviews)


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2013-05-09 06:42:45

To be honest it sounds good. Maybe something fantasy-wise with the necklace because I really liked that idea. I would also like to hear the poem.


2013-05-09 10:20:18

im new hi


2013-05-10 13:00:21

Ideas huh? What is his plot mechanic? Good or evil. I have a few on the top of my mind but you know alil more detail so I can weave an interesting backstory for you.