Hey everyone

2013-05-15 12:14:13 by KaiTheNeko16

So, some of you may have noticed that I deleted all my dirty drawings, profile pictures, and all of my favorites.

The reasoning behind this is that my annoying as hell sibling is looking at my account (and I dont know his account name if he even has one so I cant block him) and he's always riding me about the things I have, and until I'm on my own I don't want to hear a fucking annoying prick always badgering me about stupid bullshit l:C

So you probably wont see anything dirty from me until one of two things happen, I either get out on my own, or he learns to back the fuck off


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2013-05-15 12:15:27

Does it matter if a sibling sees it?

You have 61 fans, you have a duty now to them more then anything. Be true to yourself and don't change to suit 1 person.


2013-05-15 14:43:00

you deleted your art and changed your profile pic just for him ????? you know what , fuck him !
you have 26 fans who fanned you for your stuff and for who you r , don't be such a pussy and get back your pic and art , sexual art is not that bad also i saw your "dirty" stuff and it wasn't that bad and to be honest i enjoyed watching it and trying to learn how you draw this and that , i didn't know you r a weak person and such assholes like him can change you :(


2013-05-18 13:45:18

Hope be hacks the fuck off. Alternatively, what's been said already.