going away for a few days

2013-05-15 22:26:48 by KaiTheNeko16

I'm going a few days away from everything, I wont touch technology besides my cellphone and televison, so I wont have any type of communication with anybody, I have my own reasons that so far NOBODY has been able to figure it out. Granted to them its something small and insignificant, but for me its bigger, they dont understand, but I don't care...Bye everyone, hopefully things will be better whenever I decide to return


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2013-05-16 08:30:01

you r one of my greatest artists , if you leave newgrounds i'm gonna leave too :(

KaiTheNeko16 responds:

I'm only leaving for a week


2013-05-18 14:09:39

Good luck figuring out the solution to that which needs a solution!

A time away from technology helps clear the head.