Rose design help

2013-06-23 12:27:25 by KaiTheNeko16

okay sooo yeah I need people's help with a few aspects of Rose (whoever knows me and doesnt know rose yet must be really dense..)
anyways, number ONE, hair color, I've had a hard time deciding whether or not her brownish red hair looks best, or her dark brown hair color, so I need YOUR opinions on that...
also, originally rose had this cute little freckle on her left cheek but I scrapped it cuz people said "duuuhhhhh not semetrical"
Same goes for her hat, I cant decide if it should be a black and white baseball cap with a panda face painted onto it, or her traditional White hat that's shaped like a panda head, so opinions needed on that too xD
Now uhh...gloves, black or stick with blue and black striped?
pants: should they be skin tight, or baggy like Tripp Pants?
pants2: (if answered baggy for the last question) should they just BE tripp pants?
pants 3: studded belt or no?
shoes, Skate borders, converse, or sneakers?

in case anybody wants to know why I'm asking, I'm revamping her design abit, it needs abit of an update
and if you guys think she should have any add ons (necklaces, visible thong, glasses, overcoat, trench coat, etc) just lemme know when you post your thoughts on what changes should be made

Rose design help


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