personality changes

2013-06-29 19:38:22 by KaiTheNeko16

Okay, lately, I've found ALOT of issues and problems with my personality, and life, that are unacceptable and disgusting (not as in a gross way but as in an unacceptable way)
From now on, I won't push requests, commissions, and art-trades, asside until I feel like doing them. If I keep that up, I'll have a bad work ethic, and people wont ask for commissions anymore and i wont get any money (plus I don't think people appreciate a lazy artist)
I'll try my hardest to push asside MY art until I get those out of the way..
but uh, one thing, I wont do requests anymore, only certain acceptions (basically only art-trades, nothing will be without a cost)
so uhh...and I will TRY to not be I've noticed I have the attention span of a squirrel lately, especially when people talk to me and roleplay with me (btw RP is going to be limited to only good friends, so the few of you who ARE good friends with me, feel lucky [not to be a dick or anything])
So in short, I'll try to pay attention to everybody and what everyone has to say
now, laziness, (this is more of a REAL LIFE problem instead of an online one) but anyways, I need to REALLY get my hand off my ass and get a job, or AT LEAST get some financial aid and go to my community college (mwahahahahaha, its my diabolical plan to keep my family from moving to florida l:3)
and while doing that, I'm going to be walking every tuesday on a treadmill for an hour, maybe a few different kinds of excercise during the week too, I'm like, morbidly obese, and I'm horrified of it now, I barely even touch junkfood, my appetite is fine it's just my workout routine (haz none) yeah, I uhh...I guess that's basically it whoever reads this and comments on it, I appreciate you caring enough to read <x''"D


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