2013-07-27 22:42:02 by KaiTheNeko16

I don't know what to do...I-I'm freaking out...all my friends are turning on me, but they claim its in the best for me....

I may be forced to move to florida in a year, I DESPISE that state WITH A MOTHER FUCKING PASSION, I also have WAY to much invested up here to even CONSIDER leaving! but everyone is saying I should! that it'd be best for me...I-I cant...I'm under so much fucking stress....I-I want to kill myself right now! I don't want to be special!


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2013-08-06 01:14:27

Sup, Kai!

You're 19, so get your own apartment. That's about the age I moved out. With a year, you can get used to things before the family has to move.

And, what happened to your Flash?

KaiTheNeko16 responds:

I had to restore my computer due to a virus issue and lost it ;u;