PAYPAL COMMISSIONS (also a reminder)

2013-09-01 20:15:08 by KaiTheNeko16

come on guys, if you want I can lower the prices abit!

anyways I'm also installing slots into commissions, first come first serve kinda deal. I'm starting with 5 slots. So cmon guys! :)






Here's some examples! :)

Sketches :

Line Art :

Full Color :

one rule: nothing innappropriate, it must be clean so I can make a good image of myself please :)

Now as a better description for what you'll be getting, depending on what you ask for:
You ask me to draw 1 or 2 of your characters, or any character you'd like, and tell me which type of art you'd like depending on how much you'll want to spend.
again! prices can be lowered! but right now they stand as

Sketches - $1

Line Art - $3

and Full Color characters (2 maximum) - $8 (lowered it from 10)

also be sure to look at my commission widget for examples of art trades and drawings I've done that are similar to what you should expect!

PAYPAL COMMISSIONS (also a reminder)


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