PayPal Commission Prices revamped

2013-09-27 03:07:39 by KaiTheNeko16

Okay so, I've done some thinking and I realized there's a few things that need fixin' with my commissions

Number 1. prices are back to their old stats

Which means, for a sketch its 3 dollars, a lineart is 5 dollars and full color is 10 dollars, now that's just with 2 characters in one drawing (that applies to all 3 categories/prices) if you want more then 2 characters in the commission it will cost you a dollar per character

Number 2. Revised slots

Seeing as the other commission slots didnt go so well, I'm gonna open up some new ones, so here we go

1. Number of Commissions so far - 1

Yes I am doing 10 slots now, NOW the ten slots does not mean only one commission per person, if you have the money you can commission me multiple times UNTIL THE DATE ENDS.

number 3. Due Dates

Since this will be the newly revised format of my commissions, I'll put up a due date for when they will end lets is the 25th....Commissions will end October 10th, midnight my time

So, if you're one of the few who enjoy my stuff and wanna see me draw something for you, commissions are re-opened!

...also on a personal note to keep you all in the loop of my real life, my county's water supply has been contaminated with E Coli since last friday, so we have to use water bottles and boil water until they tell us it's safe to drink from the faucets, we cant even use water filters to drink the water, we can't even brush our teeth with faucet water, the most we can do it seems is use the water to shower and wash dishes...but yeah I may start doing little weekly updates about real life events, opinions?

PayPal Commission Prices revamped


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2013-09-27 15:07:16

now that's a fair deal right there most ppl charge a 100 to 800 dollars for a commission

KaiTheNeko16 responds:

thanks, I dont need to get 100 dollars for drawing 2 little characters that takes 20 minutes, so I think that 10 dollars is fair :)