2013-10-02 19:15:20 by KaiTheNeko16

Well, the long awaited series is almost here guys! it'll be here in november, for anybody who plans to watch it, I hope you're excited. because I sure as hell AM NOT FUCKING EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!

I thought we (the old fans who started with the original games) were gonna get a "walkthrough" of sorts from red's perspective from the original games, BUT NOPE Nintendo had to be fucking retarded and throw in fucking mega evolutions.

I don't give a shit if you enjoy mega evolutions or not, you don't fuck with something that was supposed to be set back in the older times. Nintendo has fucked my hopes and dreams of pokemon FOR THE LAST TIME. I am happy to say I am FUCKING DONE WITH POKEMON.

Red has a mega charizard X in the special...let that sink in for a moment...

No I know, this is where people go "Oh dylan shut the fuck up, your opinion doesnt matter, genwunner genwunnerrrrrrrrr gkifniuoafnaodnannowfnoimafaggotkjnoeufnofiun" look, the original pokemon games WERE MY CHILDHOOD they were my way of getting away from all my problems growing up, which is why I despise newer pokemon garbage. and I had hopes this was gonna be amazing, but no, nintendo had to fuck up another thing. so anybody who wanted it to be the original stuff? you can tell nintendo to fuck off just like I am.

that's all I have to say on the subject, I'm so pissed off right now l:C



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2013-10-02 21:12:09

(thumbs up what you said

KaiTheNeko16 responds:



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2013-10-03 00:20:26

Finally! Someone else hates the mega evolutions! *High Five*

KaiTheNeko16 responds:

dude I despise anything new gen, I'm a huge genwunner


2013-10-03 07:12:52

Never heard of this game, but it sounds like I'm better off sticking to the classics. I bought up a bunch of old Pokemon games a few years back, starting playing all of them simultaneously, played too much; stopped playing. So... I'm still about halfways through Red, Yellow, Blue, Silver, Diamond, HeartGold, FireRed and DarkCry (and I know that last one's a fake). Only played through Gold so far. Maybe it's time to pick up where I left off...