Pokemon x and y video review

2013-10-15 02:44:05 by KaiTheNeko16

okay, i'm gonna be as nice as possible about this, I just watched a little random walk through video of x and y, figured I'd be slightly open minded and take a look, its when the player character catches the legendary, right away the video bugged me, not only did it bug me because of the horrible 3D graphics, but the fact that there are now CUT SCENES in Pokemon, which never happened before, during the cut scene I saw the legendary Pokemon for X, and I've already seen it due to trailers on TV and stuff, but I'm gonna say it anyways, the legionaries for this game are ridiculous, LITERALLY TAKING THE FORMS OF THE LETTERS X AND Y is not creative at all Nintendo/game freak, anyways, the battle started and this bugged me even worse...the way a wild Pokemon encounter occurs is just plain stupid, seeing a close up of the Pokemon is so ridiculous (if you haven't noticed yet, I'm being as nice as I can about this), anyways then the battle mechanics started bugging me, first off, it wasn't hard to notice they TRIED to combine handheld Pokemon and console Pokemon (this goes for both over world and battles) and they failed miserably at it, the way the Pokemon move is way to weird and you can barely hear the sound effects each Pokemon makes, the whole concept of seeing the stars come off of a poke ball upon capture also bothers me (but that's been bothering me ever since gen 3 when they introduced it, so no biggy with that one), I also have strong distaste for the Pokedex, for god's sake its an I pad...like seriously, pokedexes originally were supposed to be the handheld that housed that Pokemon game, not what new fad was out and about, Trainer encounters are just as annoying as pokemon encounters, with a close up of the trainer doing some kind of stupid pose or something, one of the BIGGEST issues I have is the mega evolution's, like seriously, they. do. not. look. cool. they look like game-freak went on acid when thinking them (along with this entire 2 game addition to the pokemon line), the game also is inconsistent, during 90% of the game-play you see your character as a tiny little chibified trainer like the last 2 installments (BW & B2W2) had but then during battle trainers are full sized, seriously, keep them the same size (though to be fair they have been doing this since generation 2 [and I mean gold, silver, crystal, not heart-gold and soul-silver]) the only thing I find mildly MILDLY entertaining about this installment is the (very minor and with a tiny selection) trainer customization, but even then it's not that impressive, think about this, how are pokemon adventures going to make a comic chapter of X and Y when the main characters don't even have an actual appearance because they're customizable (though they could always just use the default artwork)

Three..tiny little quibbles...the sound effect for when you click on an option in battle sounds like someone making a squishy sound with their mouths...stupid...and the fact that they are literally PUSHING THE FACT THAT ITS BASED OFF OF FRANCE onto us by the professor's first statement when he says "Tres Bien" which I know is french, I just don't know what for, and also the fact that they give you a generation 1 starter in the game aggravates me too, I understand you should try to get them all, but no, generation 1 starters should have to be traded and sent to the game, not given in it, that's a disgrace to generation 1.

So, final opinion time (this is where I use my most shortest and honest opinions on the game, so be prepared to hear a few rude things about it)

this game is complete and utter garbage, its becoming digimon with the battling mechanics and style (I'm not talking digimon in general, there's a specific game my friend owns that looks exactly like x and y) Nintendo's kinda pushing it with mega evolution, considering they screwed with Origins, WHICH WAS MEANT FOR THE OLD FANS, meaning genwunners, but turns out after it was released game-freak said, and I quote, ahem.."Pokemon Origins, is our attempt to connect old time pokemon fans who do not enjoy the newer games with the modern day pokemon fans, who do not enjoy the older games/prefer the newer ones" well you failed with that one game-freak, thanks for ruining my childhood.

Back to the game, in short, I won't even consider for a second about buying this game, it is garbage, there isn't one single thing that can make up for all the issues this game has, I'm sorry Nintendo and game-freak, but you guys have lost a fan for good this time, this is a disgrace to what I hoped Pokemon to become.
(also a warning, if any my friends even consider getting one of these games for me, for WHATEVER reason, they will see 60 bucks worth of garbage smashed all over the pavement and run over)

Pokemon x and y video review


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2013-10-15 03:39:13

Thanks for the warning! I'd wish they stepped back a bit and simplified. They don't need cutscenes, or more Pokemon, or any real changes to the gaming system (improved graphics are always a plus though). What they do need is a longer story that not only lets you progress but lets you capture all Pokemon in the process. In the old games motivation faded away a bit when the story ended, that's really the only flaw with the past generation games.