*desperate* Christmas Commissions

2013-11-14 02:54:55 by KaiTheNeko16

hey guys, look christmas is coming up, I have a few REALLY important gifts for a few people I need to get but I cant do that without some cash...please I am asking as nice as possible, please commission me, I hate to mention this part also but I'm raising my prices, just for now so I can get the gifts for my friends...

anyways a sketch of anything is 15 dollars

an outline and flat color is gonna be 25 dollars

and an outline and shaded color is gonna be 30 dollars

I realize these prices are kinda high but I need to get these gifts

please help out a fellow artist!

and remember, I love you guys! :'D


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2013-11-14 15:46:16

I wish I could help you out man, but I am broke as all hell. You do some fantastic work.

KaiTheNeko16 responds:



2013-11-14 19:41:11

Same problem kid.