How are you guys?

2017-05-29 11:13:45 by KaiTheNeko16

I usually never ask this, I usually just rant and go on about my life or advertise about commissions.


So how are you guys? you doing good? life treatin' ya nicely? :) Lemme know my dudes n dudettes


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2017-05-29 11:43:07

Life is fine


2017-05-29 11:51:16

Life is more than fine!
How about you, bud?


2017-05-30 00:04:19

Im offended by this post, how could you asume my gender and say Im either a dude or dudette, I am sexually identified as a duderino, and refuse to be called otherwise

other than that, life is crappy as always, but people get used to it